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What is Peepable?

With so much video online now, it’s become almost impossible to search for, and find, exactly what we’re looking for within all that content. Peepable is here to change that, with a powerful search technology that makes video as searchable and as shareable as the written word.

Peepable gives you the power to search videos from right across the internet and ‘take a peep’ into your selected video at the exact point you’re seeking. You can even share your ‘peep’ on social media. And there’s more functionality coming to Peepable soon!

Granular Search

No more hit and miss search for videos. Instantly search across millions of videos and play a selected video from the exact point where the person says the words you searched for.

What makes Peepable so unique is it doesn’t just search across the metatags and titles of videos. Peepable lets you ‘peep’ right into the actual content of the video and search on the spoken word. It’s true video search.


Find what you’re looking for, fast. Peepable will help you discover video content right across the net, not just videos that have been uploaded to a specific platform.

With so much video being uploaded to the net every day, Peepable is a powerful tool for discovery. It’s a single platform that’s so easy to use and saves time.

Watch Videos

Search across internet videos for the exact phrase you’re looking for - that’s a Peep! Once you’ve selected a video from the search results, the choice is yours: play just the Peep, or keep watching the rest of the video.

Clip and Share Videos

Share your Peep! Rather than having to share the whole video, Peepable lets you share Peeps of video on social media. Use the default Peep created for you, or customize your own ‘Peep’ using our clipping tools. It’s easy!

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