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What Makes Peepable A Winner For Publishers?

Most people would agree that video and rich media are the future for web communications, but when it comes to search, there’s no doubt that video is way behind text when it comes to search accuracy.

Peepable aims to bridge the gap, making video as discoverable, usable and shareable as text-based content, driving traffic directly to video on the publisher’s site, not the video hosting platform.

Peepable empowers publishers to monetise video content, through advanced search and easy-to-use social media sharing, and by providing detailed, granular analytics about search, sharing and video usage, no matter what your video platform, target device, or where you host your video.

Get Peepability For Your Videos

Add value to your video content by giving users the power to discover and instantly watch the segments of your videos that are of most interest to them.

Encourage visitors to stay longer and watch more video clips by adding the Peepable search box to your website, enabling visitors to search your video collection from any page on your website.

Traffic & Revenue Generation

Drive more traffic to your website by enabling Peepable’s spoken-word search across your whole video collection. Peepable search works for both free and premium video content, driving both traffic and content sales.

User Engagement

Generate greater user engagement as users share their favourite Peeps – short clips of video – on social media, email and third-party websites.

Peepable Analytics

Get to know your audience by understanding exactly which searches, videos and even Peeps are the most popular. Use Peepable insights to plan your content strategy to attract more visitors and keep them on your site for longer.

No Uploads

There’s no need to upload your video to Peepable, as the Peepable media player plugin is compatible with third-party media players and hosting sites, including YouTube.

Simple Integration/Scalable Solution

It takes just a few lines of code to add a Peepable search box and Peepable media player to your website. Peepable’s search platform is cloud-based making it scalable to millions of users.

Low Cost

Leverage our search expertise and scalable platform to bring video search to your website in a cost-effective way.

Monetize Video

Peepable offers publishers an opportunity to use a new content sales model. Contact us for more information.

Publishers and Partners Program

We’re starting to deploy Peepable search to publisher websites.  Contact us to join the Peepable Publishers and Partners program, and find out more about how Peepable could help your business realize the value in your video, drop us a line today using our contact form.