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While developing new technologies to help deaf people enjoy live performance, founders Nari Jennings and Alex French realised that, in the same way that the hearing impaired were missing out on a whole range of experiences because the audio content wasn’t easily accessible, we are all missing out on a whole world of video content because we don’t have the tools to find what we need. 

They tried to find a search engine out there that would enable them to do what they knew was technologically possible. When they couldn’t, they decided to do it themselves, and began to create a tool that could be used by anyone to discover the video they needed.

The Peepable Team

Nari Jennings Founder

Nari is the co-founder and driving force behind Peepable. She founded Captioning Studio in 2004, leading the development of a number of new breakthrough accessibility technologies. Her vision of a world where anybody can freely discover, curate and share video led her to create Peepable in 2013. Nari loves travel, chocolate and all things Francais.

Alex French Founder

Alex is the co-founder of Peepable and is responsible for the bits and bytes that make everything possible. Alex worked as an engineer for IBM and BBC Television, then moving into software product management, before founding Captioning Studio in 2004. The man with the technical plan, and a passion for organic food, Alex also makes a mean stir-fry.

Jon Schutz Architecture Adviser

Jon has been the Chief Technology Officer of YourAmigo Ltd since its inception in 1999, and is responsible for developing their core search technology as well as the spectrum of supporting systems including Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning. YourAmigo was the second start-up company in which Jon has been the main technologist, having previously worked in a defence radar start-up, and prior to that at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation.

Rodney Mitchell Software Engineer

Rod is a senior engineer with over 20 years experience in software design with a background in quality control, mobile phones, telecommunication, robotics and tactical simulation gained whilst working for companies like Motorola, Hewlett Packard and Thales. He has worked on technology for submarines, fighter simulations and everything in between.

Ashford Pritchard Chief Storyteller and Head of Comms

A member of the Peepable advisory board, Ash acts as wordsmith and talking head in chief – making sure people know about Peepable. Ash has worked in PR, media and marketing in Asia, Australia and Europe. When not talking, writing, or reading, he enjoys classic 80s indie music and singing to himself in the shower.

Peter Vroom Strategic Adviser

Peter is the experienced hand on the tiller of the Peepable advisory board. Having founded, built and run tech startups all over the world, Peter knows a thing or two about early stage business strategy, capital raising, operations and growth. When not running his own consultancy, Peter enjoys sailing, bush walking, and trips to out of the way places such as Bhutan.

Frank Falco Architecture and Operations Adviser

Our advisory board's resident IT expert, Frank has over 25 years experience in successfully building technology companies. Former Chief Information Officer at Internode, Australia's largest privately owned broadband services provider, Frank was also Operations Manager at YourAmigo, which provides online marketing services through organic search. Frank also founded Recall Design, an online application development company acquired by MYOB. A keen traveller, he also plays a mean hand of Poker (his proxy competitive sport of choice).

Jason Eacott Architect

Jason Eacott was a senior research engineer at Orange Labs, formerly France Telecom’s research and development arm, in Tokyo and senior software engineer at Myspace in San Francisco.

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